What's new for 2017-18?

Many styles have feature updates and improvements for this season. The 2017 Predator Jacket and Bibs are all new and dealers are ordering in a big way due to anticipated demand. We have some new gloves/mitts for 2017 including some leather models. And the new Riot Hoody and the very popular Havoc Hoody will be in big demand this season. We have some new caps, socks and T-shirts too. Lastly, our Striker ICE Rubber Boots with 1,200g Thinsulate are available for 2017. Look for new spring items for open water fishing to be announced later this year.

What is the difference between the GUARDIAN, the Striker Ice HARDWATER, Striker Ice PREDATOR and the CLIMATE suits?

The outer shell on the HARDWATER uses a 600D Endura that has a “Carhartt” feel and the Striker Ice PREDATOR uses a 330D Tussor that has a traditional ice suit feel. A Tricot interior (micro fleece feel) is used on the body of the HARDWATER and a Taffeta nylon lining is used on the sleeves. There is 150g of Thermadex insulation is in the HARDWATER garments and 100g of Thermadex insulation in the Striker Ice Predator garments. The CLIMATE has a light 330D shell with removable linings so it can be used as a three-season suit by removing the liners. The GUARDIAN is similar to the PREDATOR but with fewer features and less insulation. The GUARDIAN has Sureflote and 50g Thermadex insulation, and has 600D Endura elbow and knee panels.


2016-17 Product Comparison

Style Style MSRP Colors Shell PU Taped? Vents Sureflote? Insulation Rating*
Guardian Jacket- M/W 112090 159.95 Red 330D Tussor Yes Underarm & Back Yes 60g 5
Guardian Bib- M/W 212090 159.95 Red 330D Tussor Yes None Yes 60g 5
Guardian Jacket- Y 132090 119.95 Red 330D Tussor Yes Underarm & Back Yes 60g 5
Guardian Bib- Y 232090 119.95 Red 330D Tussor Yes None Yes 60g 5
SI Predator Jacket 115100 199.95 Red/Blue/Black 330D Tussor Yes Radial & Back Yes 100g 7
SI Predator Bibs 215100 199.95 Charcoal 330D Tussor Yes Leg Zip Yes 100g 7
SI Hard Water Jacket 114050 229.95 Red/Black 600D Endura Yes Underarm Yes 150g 9
SI Hard Water Bib 214050 229.95 Gray 600D Endura Yes Leg Zip Yes 150g 9
SI Prism Jacket- W 124050 199.95 Green/Pink/Gray 330D Tussor Yes Underarm Yes 150g 9
SI Prism Bib- W 224050 199.95 Gray 330D Tussor Yes Leg Zip Yes 150g 9
SI Climate Jacket** 116000 269.95 Black/Blue/Red/Brown 330D Tussor Yes Radial & Back Yes Softshell** 4/10
SI Climate Bib** 216000 259.95 Black/Brown 330D Tussor Yes Leg Zip Yes 175g 4/10
DB/GB/SF Blind Jacket 119090 249.95 DB Camo 140D Polyamide Yes Underarm Yes 40-60g 5
DB-GB-SF Blind Bib 219090 249.95 DB Camo 140D Polyamide Yes Leg Zip Yes 40-60g 5
LE Nomad Ice Jacket 110400 179.95 Red/Blue/Black 330D Tussor Yes Underarm Yes 100g 7
LE Nomad Ice Bib 210400 179.95 Black 330D Tussor Yes Leg Zip Yes 100g 7
LE Sheila Ice Jacket 120500 189.95 Fuschia 330D Tussor Yes Underarm Yes 150g 9
LE Sheila Ice Bib 220500 189.95 Gray 330D Tussor Yes Leg Zip Yes 150g 9
LE Heat Sink Jacket 110300 199.95 Red/Blue/Black 600D/330D Yes Lat & Back Yes 150g 9
LE Heat Sink Ice Bib 21300 199.95 Gray 600D Endura Yes Leg Zip Yes 150g 9
SI/LE Performance Hoody- M/W 604000 109.95 Black Nylon  Yes Underarm No Dual Fleece 3
* Relative Warmth Rating (on scale of 10): 1 for a mild fall day; 5 for a typical winter day; 10 for extreme sub zero conditions. Ratings are relative and subjective.
** Climate Jacket & Bibs have removable liners. Jacket has softshell inner jacket with fleece. Pant has zip-out lining. Rating is for shell/system.  
Note: All styles with Sureflote are completely windproof. Sureflote adds the equivalent of 150g of insulation to the amounts indicated above.  
W/B = Waterproof Breathable Hydrapore Shell (PU: 5,000mm/5,000g/m2; Laminated: 10,000mm/5,000/m2)  
Thermadex Insulation- All styles with insulation padding.  
Sureflote- Flotation-Assist Liner (where noted). Flotation liner may vary between SI and LE styles.



What is the difference between the Lake Effect models and the Striker Ice models?
There are many similarities between these styles but there are also differences. Generally speaking, the Striker Ice styles are professional grade containing all available features. The Lake Effect Ice styles have numerous features that are slightly different, including slightly less flotation, snap flap closures instead of magnets, different linings, cut & sew differences, knee pad construction (women’s), modifies cuff adjustment systems and other minor features. Refer to the comparison chart for more details.
Which suit should I buy ?
If you spend most of your time in an ice shelter, moving around or are in moderate climates then the Striker Ice LITE will be warm enough. You should consider the HARDWATER jacket and bibs if you get cold easily or fish without using a shelter. If you want the best of each with a tough light weight shell, go with the CLIMATE.
How warm are these suits?

This is a tough question to answer due to under layering, blood circulation and your level of activity. Each garment has a temperature rating on a scale from 1-10. Generally, any rating over 5 should be sufficient more typical winter conditions. Please refer to the chart below. For technical details, please read our technical tutorial on the “Tech Talk” link from the home page footer.

What makes them float?
Our Sureflote flotation assist system.
Are they Coast Guard approved?
No, they are not a PFD. The suits are designed to aid in keeping you afloat.
What is the Triple-Play cuff and the Infinite-Play cuff?
It’s our proprietary adjustable cuff that allows you to adjust the length of the inseam. The triple-play has three settings, typically full length, 3 inches less and 6 inches less. Infinite Play has variable adjustment.
What if I become too hot or start sweating?
The underarm zip vents on the jacket and the full length variable adjust 3-way zippers on the bib legs will provide immediate relief without removing the garments. The jacket and bibs also breath naturally due to the waterproof/windproof/breathable shell fabric.
What size should I order?
You can find your size by referring to our size charts. Note that most men’s styles run about a half size big. Measure your waist at the largest dimension, even if it is at the belly button. This may or may not be your pants size. The Climate jacket is tapered so it can me more comfortable when worn without the softshell lining. Other jackets are full cut. Consider one size larger Climate jacket for “experienced bellies”.
Is there a warranty?

Yes, one year from the original purchase date. Claims should be made to Striker Brands, LLC not the retailer the garment was purchased from. We can be contacted using the link “Contact Us”. It is suggested that you include a photo of the problem. Note: Lake Effect Superior, Huron, KidRider are no longer covered under warranty.

What’s covered under the warranty?

Manufactures defects such as snap failures, zipper malfunctions, seam failures, etc.

What should I wear underneath my Striker suit?

Anything but Cotton. Merino wool and polypropylene are best suited for using as under layers.

How do I adjust the cuffs on my bibs?

First, pull apart the bottom hem- velcro on velcro. Second, open leg, lift gaiter, and re-attach cuff to desired height. Then, put away tab(s) if not needed. Click tutorial link below to see pdf instruction sheet.

Cuff Adjustment Tutorial

Can I wash my suit?

Yes, machine wash in cold water using a mild detergent and hang to dry. Never use heat to dry the garment.

Can I repair my torn or burned shell fabric?

Yes. For small tears you can try to insert a backing patch behind the damaged area and use adhesive such as silicone to bond the backing to the torn area. For larger tears or burned areas, you will also have to sew the outer shell to the back patch material. This may be difficult depending on the location and nature of the damaged area. In some cases, Striker Brands can perform repairs for a nominal charge. Contact Customer Service using the “Contact Us” link.

Does it really float?

Yes. Yes it does. Don’t Believe it? . . . Watch the videos (click the Videos link on the home page).